Pickmoon For Desktop stand-alone

Win Version Mac Version Buy Activation code

Can be used without activation, but there will be a little non-functional restrictions

WIN SHA256: 2326c37a6fdeaf95daec4a5900c247eafe332798300c05901e1218f3cb8ac9c3

MAC SHA256: d423340f7759d96a7eef97a5b4f9d99c3162a7084058fc3e3ce556c212e952c8


Full keyboard operation

Plain text editing(Like MarkDown)

Seamless connection to external editors, like VI,Notepad,Sublime(Customizable)

E-book related functions are free forever(Currently only supports Kindle)

Pure stand-alone version

AES encryption

Multi-platform(Currently there is Mac/Win)


Two Step:

Copy text or picture
Ctrl + Alt + X



1. Connect Kindle to computer
2. Drag the txt file to App: /Volumes/Kindle/documents/My Clippings.txt

Or click the button and import the txt file:

This operation only needs to be performed once, and will be automatically imported from the last location next time.


The kindle you just imported has no format, you can use the similar Markdown syntax to edit as follows, and then export PDF / HTML / PM (this App format):

Excerpts of kindle are shown on the left, notes are shown on the right


Grammatical format

Use plain text to write formatted documents, the current popular is Markdown format, the app also learns from this, but it needs to be more concise. There are the following types:

1. Title:

# Big Title
## Middle Title
### Small Title

2. Blob

**This is the bold font**

3. Picture: 


The parentheses in the picture are the inner chain of the picture. Every picture you extract will have an inner chain. When you pull it in, the inner chain will be copied to the clipboard, and you can paste it directly, or you can copy it by right-clicking on the list. See the "picture" below introduction.

4. Link:
External link:

![Link Address:Link Name]

A single line of address like this can also be recognized as a hyperlink(http:// Or https://)

Inner link:

![ID:Link Name]

Click on the link to open the document with ID 123
ID is the document ID number, open the document in detail mode, the number in the brackets in the lower right corner is the document ID

5. Quote block:

This is a famous quote


1. Ctrl + S, Save manually
2. Automatically saved every few seconds
3. Save when exiting the editor


Main Picture & Reference Picture

The pictures you pick in are all expressed as "main pictures" in this app.
When you want to refer to this picture in other documents, you need to get its internal chain, you can right-click on the list:

Picture Mode

Press Enter directly on the list to enter the pure picture mode:
1. J - next one
2. K - previous one
3. For long Picture:

Down - Look down
Up - Look up
Home - Jump to top
End - Jump to the bottom

4. Enter - Open with an external program, Like Mac will open with Review


Add Tag

1. Ctrl + T - Open the Tag panel
2. Input the tag at the bottom
3. Enter

Add Tag to Content

1. Ctrl + T - Open the Tag panel
2. Right click the Tag
Input the tag at the bottom, then Ctrl + Enter

Delete Tag

Long press + Drag :
Left click and hold the Tag, when the Tag color turns red, drag a short distance to the sides to delete.


Search by Content


Search by Author

a Author Key

a is the first letter of the author

Search by Book

b Book Key

b is the first letter of the book

Search by Tag

#Tag1  #Tag2 Key

Or :
Left click the Tag in Tag panel.

Author, Book, Tag Name: Don't need to write the full name

Other Operation

Please be sure to remember the password for the encryption operation, otherwise it will be equal to data loss! ! !

Move Folder

Left button slide:
Left mouse button slides on the right side of the folder, and then slides on the right side of the target position to be moved.

The advantage of this operation is that you don’t have to keep the mouse pressed all the time, especially when the list is long.

Move content to another folder

Right-click sliding:
The right mouse button slides to the right of the target folder to be moved to, and the selected item in the current list will be moved.

Data Directory

The default data directory is the user's home directory, such as Windows under C:\Users\Username

After modifying the data directory, copy the old data to the new directory, if there are old data:

1. close the App
2. Copy the pickmoon folder under C:\Users\Username to the new data directory


Pick(Global):Ctrl Alt X
Switch Wallpapers(Global,Mac version does not have this feature):Ctrl Alt `
Switch Pages:Tab
Open Tag Panel:Ctrl T

List Operation
Go to the First:Home
Go to the End:End
Quickly jump to a folder:Input the first few letters of the folder name
Next Folder or Book:Shift J
Previous Folder or Book:Shift K
Enter the search box:Ctrl F
Exit the search box:Enter/Esc
Enter Detail:Space
Enter Picture Mode:Enter
Add Folder or Book:Ctrl Shift N
Add Content:Ctrl N
Delete Content:Delete/Backspace
Open with an external program:Ctrl ALT Enter

Scroll down:J
Scroll up:K
Jump to the top:Home
Jump to the Bottom:End
Next Content:Ctrl J
Previous Content:Ctrl K
Back to the last inner link:Left
Exit content detail:Esc

Picture Mode
Next Picture:J
Previous Picture:K
Move Downward:Down
Move Up:Up
Open with an external program:Enter

Enter Editor:Ctrl Enter
Exit and Save:Ctrl W


Restrictions of no activation (Kindle features are not restricted)

1. You can only create up to 10 folders
2. And each folder can only have up to 50 items

The End

This app is pure stand-alone software, does not collect any user information without network connection, data backup or multi-machine synchronization can be carried out with the help of other special synchronization tools, such as Syncthing or FreeFileSync.